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Strip Sander - Setup and Features

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Figure 20-1. The Strip Sander mounts on the Shopsmith MARK V.

To set up your strip sander, follow the instructions in the Owners Manual that came with your strip sander.

As you work with the strip sander, you'll find that it has several special features:

  • The strip sander mounts on the Shopsmith MarkV (Figure 20-1).
  • The dust chute in the bottom of the cover will allow you to connect the hose from your dust collection system during wood sanding operations.
  • The strip sander can accommodate stock of any size and shape within these limits: 6" in front of the platen (contact with the table), 3-1/4" thick between the table and the upper part of the housing, and 6-1/4" wide in the throat (back of the platen housing).
  • There are three platens - 1 " flat, 1/2" flat and 1/2" radius curved - that back up the belt.
  • The table can be tilted from "0" to 45-degrees forward. Its surface is 11" x 11". A table stop automatically positions the table at 90-degrees.
  • A tensioning spring automatically keeps the belt at the proper tension.

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