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Strip Sander Safety

Warning: Before using the strip sander, read and understand these important safety instructions:

  • Wear proper eye and ear protection, and a dust mask.
  • Keep your hands and fingers out of the danger zone. The danger zone is 3" out in all directions from the belt.
  • Keep the belt tracking properly during all operations.
  • Never reach close to the belt or underneath the table while the machine is running.
  • Always use the table to support the stock. The only exception to this is when you are sanding against the tracking wheel. Then hold the stock securely in your hands and keep your hands and fingers 3" away from the moving belt.
  • Sand on the downward motion side of the belt only. The downward motion keeps the belt tracking properly and helps hold the stock down against the table.
  • Never attempt to sand an internal area smaller than the belt will allow. This will pull the belt off the tracking wheel causing the belt to cut into the frame or cover, and can cause the belt to break.
  • Support long stock with a roller stand.
  • Use pilers to hold small pieces of stock against the moving belt. Never use your hands.
  • If the belt breaks, turn off the machine and stand away until the machine comes to a complete stop.
  • Secure the Mark V accessory mount lock and power plant lock, and the strip sander eccentric mounting tubes.
  • Never exceed speed setting K (2050 RPM) on the Mark V speed dial.
  • Never turn on the machine with anything laying on the table or stock held against the belt.
  • If you hear a ticking sound or other unusual noise, stop the strip sander immediately. A ticking sound often indicates a damaged belt.
  • Never leave the cover open while the strip sander is in operation.
  • Never attach a dust collection system to the strip sander during grinding operations. Sparks and/or hot pieces of metal could ignite the sawdust or debris in the collection bag.

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