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Strip Sander Belts and Platens

The strip sander uses aluminum oxide, garnet and silicon-carbide belts of various grits in 1/2" x 42" and 1" x 42" sizes. Use aluminum oxide belts for sanding wood, metal and plastic; garnet for wood and plastic; and silicon-carbide for metal. A felt polishing belt and buffing compounds are also available for polishing metal and plastic.

The platens provide a firm backup for the belts and keep them tracking properly during sanding operations. There are three sizes of platens: 1" flat, 1/2" flat, and 1/2" radius curved.

Table 20-1 contains information about the belts and platens that are available for the strip sander.

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Table 20-1. Belts, Platens and Speeds. Click to see larger view.

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